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Living in bustling New York can be exciting, but it can also be exhausting and difficult. When you need to talk with someone about your challenges, Light Counseling on Long Island is here to help. With a team of experienced and knowledgeable therapists who can help with depression, anxiety, trauma, addictions, and much more, our Massapequa counselors can help you overcome the challenges you face.

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Our Massapequa office is located at 150 Pittsburgh Ave, Massapequa, NY 11758

Why Choose Light Counseling for Massapequa Counseling Services?

Clinical Excellence for Individuals and Groups

Welcome to Light Counseling, a place of healing in the heart of New York City’s Massapequa borough. Our mission is to provide exceptional Christian counseling services that address the specific challenges you face.

At Light, our caring Long Island therapists seek to understand your challenges and create personalized treatment plans to support you.

We combine proven therapeutic approaches like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness techniques, and trauma-informed care. We also offer marriage, grief, chronic mental illness, individual and group therapy, and many more forms of counseling. Our unique approaches have helped countless people make lasting and meaningful changes, and our counseling in New York City can do the same for you.

At our counseling center on Long Island, collaboration is essential for your well-being. We work closely with other healthcare providers, such as psychiatrists and medical professionals, to ensure a comprehensive approach to your care. As a NYC Christian counseling center, our counselors work to address your mental, physical, and spiritual needs.

Our Christian faith leads us to put your well-being and progress at the center of everything we do. Our mental health counselors in NYC are eager to partner with you and help with various challenges. Whether you seek anxiety counseling, help with depression, relationship support, trauma-informed care, or anything else, we’re confident that you’ll find our therapists to be knowledgeable, caring, nurturing, and effective in counseling you.

We know it takes courage to ask for help – but one small act of courage could be the difference between turmoil and tranquility. Take that step today at Light Counseling.

Distinctly Christian Counseling 

Step into the embrace of our Long Island mental health counseling group. Our distinctive approach, firmly grounded in Christian principles, sets us apart from the crowd – providing a faith-based counsel for individuals seeking counseling in NYC.

We understand the relationship between faith and mental health, With unwavering dedication, our counselors walk alongside you and provide steadfast support. We also incorporate optional prayer and scripture-based insights into the therapeutic process.

When you visit Light Counseling Services of Long Island, you’ll be welcomed to a non-judgmental and nurturing environment. Our exceptional team of Long Island counselors is committed to listening, empathizing, and guiding you through your unique challenges. We cherish the art of personalized care and take the time to understand your circumstances, needs, and aspirations.

Whether it’s conquering the depths of depression, taming the waves of anxiety, overcoming addiction, or moving past trauma, our seasoned therapists stand ready to help you find rest and resilience.

Beyond the therapy room, we believe in a holistic perspective, collaborating with other healthcare providers to offer comprehensive care that nurtures your well-being. Our commitment to honoring the role of faith in mental health remains steadfast, and we gladly provide optional prayer, scripture-based insights, and psychological guidance rooted in the Christian faith.

Start today by scheduling your appointment with Light Counseling Long Island. If you seek therapy in Massapequa, our doors are open. Contact us today!


Our Long Island Counseling Office Can Help You With:

Depression and Anxiety

At Light Counseling, we take our commitment to world-class depression and anxiety counseling in NYC seriously. We understand the binds of anxiety and the weight of depression well, and our decades of experience helping people overcome these conditions has helped prepare us to help you.

Clinical anxiety is a mental health condition marked by excessive and persistent worry, fear, or nervousness that can significantly interfere with your daily life. While it is normal to experience occasional anxiety in response to stress or challenging situations, clinical anxiety is persistent, overwhelming, and sometimes crippling. Meeting with one of our mental health professionals for anxiety counseling in Massapequa can help you identify the root causes of your anxiety, overcome those challenges, and move towards healthier thinking patterns.

Clinical depression, on the other hand, is characterized by constant sadness, emptiness, and a lack of interest in once-enjoyable activities. This condition goes beyond feeling occasionally sad and can significantly impair one’s ability to function in various areas of life, such as work, school, relationships, and daily activities. Someone might struggle to sleep or sleep too much, have trouble eating, struggle to focus on tasks, and more.

We know that it can be challenging to ask for help, but if you have anxiety or depression, reaching out to a counselor can be one of the bravest and most rewarding things you can do. Our therapists have experience helping people overcome depression and anxiety, and they can help you do the same. Get in touch today to learn more about what meeting with one of our counselors can do for you.

Marriage and Relationships

Human beings are made for relationships, but relationships come with ups and downs. Just as relationships allow us to experience joyful moments, loving support, and security, relationships can also harbor bitter fighting, disagreements, and emptiness. Whether you and your significant other struggle to resolve conflicts or are missing a spark you once had, getting relationship counseling in NYC at Light Counseling can help you overcome relational challenges.

At Light, our therapists can help you work through various relational challenges. If you found this page through a term like “marriage counseling Long Island,” “marriage counseling Massapequa,” or “Long Island couples therapy and marriage counseling,” you’re in the right place. Whether you’d like to get marriage, dating, or couples therapy in New York City, we have counselors who can guide you and your loved one through the current and coming stages of your relationship. Contact us today and meet with one of our qualified couple therapists!



Trauma is a deeply distressing emotional experience from adverse events or circumstances. It can profoundly affect a person’s emotions, thoughts, and physical well-being. Traumatic incidents like accidents, disasters, violence, or losing a loved one can vary in their impact. At Light Counseling, we understand that trauma can lead to feelings of anxiety, sadness, and being haunted by painful memories. Our compassionate counselors in Massapequa are here to offer unwavering support and create a safe space for you to discuss what happened and learn healthy ways to reprocess those memories.

We recognize that healing from trauma takes time and may linger for an extended period. Sometimes, individuals adopt coping mechanisms that provide temporary relief but can lead to further complications. At Light Counseling, we affirm the uniqueness of each person’s trauma and tailor our approach to suit your specific needs.

You don’t have to face trauma alone. Take the courageous step of reaching out to one of our therapists and discovering how to overcome trauma.

Children, Teens, and Adolescents

Light Counseling offers whole-family therapy in NYC for you, your spouse, and your children. From play therapy to family group therapy in NYC to teen counseling on Long Island, Light Counseling is your family’s one-stop shop. When challenges arise, counseling can become essential.

At Light Counseling, we embrace families of all ages, offering diverse services from play therapy for young ones to teen counseling in NYC and parent-child therapy sessions. The benefits of group therapy outweigh the struggle of dealing with difficulties alone, and at Light, no family challenge is too great for us to tackle.

Contact us today to connect with our expert psychotherapists in Long Island or Massapequa, specializing in family counseling. Discover the transformative power of Light Counseling for you and your loved ones. Together, we’ll illuminate the path to harmony and growth amidst the complexities of family life in the Big Apple.

Grief Counseling

Light Counseling offers compassionate grief counseling in Long Island, NY, including Massapequa. Our caring team is here to support you through the oft-overwhelming journey of grief, providing nurturing guidance at every step.

At Light Counseling, we believe in the power of healthy emotion regulation and provide a safe space for you to express your feelings. Our experienced professionals understand the complexities of grief and offer personalized care to meet your unique circumstances.

With clear and empathetic communication, our counselors ensure you feel heard and supported throughout the process. Using evidence-based techniques, we help you process your emotions, memories, and thoughts, fostering resilience and hope in your grief journey.

If you or someone you know needs support, consider Light Counseling for compassionate grief counseling in Massapequa. Let us be your ally in healing and find strength in vulnerability together.

Frequently Asked Questions About Light Counseling and Therapy on Long Island

Do you offer DBT therapy in NYC?

Yes! Our therapists are equipped and able to offer dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) to clients who experience emotions intensely. 

DBT was initially developed in the 1970s to help individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder. The primary goal of DBT is to help individuals regulate their emotions, develop healthy coping skills, improve the quality of their relationships, and manage distress. DBT generally involves four sessions: pre-assessment, individual therapy, group therapy, and telephone crisis training. 

If your therapist feels DBT treatment is for you, they will create a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. Contact a therapist at Light Counseling today to see if DBT is suitable for you. 

Do you accept insurance?

Yes! We work with a wide variety of insurance companies, and odds are, we can work with yours, too. Contact our office for more information.