Mercy Connors, Ph.D., LPC-S was blessed to have grown up in a Christian home that emphasized evangelism and mission work. Mercy came to know the Lord at the age of seven and felt the call of the Lord to go into full-time ministry in high school. In college, Mercy became aware of the true lives of those who work in full-time ministry and was impressed upon by God to dedicate her life to counseling and helping these individuals stay in a right relationship with the Lord. Mercy graduated from Toccoa Falls College with a B.S. in Counseling/Psychology and continued her education at Liberty University where she completed a Master of Arts in Human Services in 2009 and began her Doctor of Philosophy in Professional Counseling. Mercy’s main focus was determining ways to help missionary kids keep their faith and have positive mental well-being, which brought Mercy to Faith Academy in Manila, Philippines where she completed her internship and her dissertation in 2014. After Mercy moved back to Virginia, she started her Residency in Counseling in community-based care working with traumatized children and their families. She became a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in October of 2019. Mercy became the Director of Program Development and Professional Relations for the American Association of Christian Counselors in February of 2021 and the Clinical Compliance Officer for Light Counseling Inc. in October of 2021. Mercy was a principal editor for the AACC Y-2023 Code of Ethics and is the Co-Director of the Ethics and Advocacy Division of the AACC. Mercy is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor as of 2022 and is passionate about teaching the next generation to be healthy, effective counselors and marriage and family therapists. Mercy is married to the love of her life Jesse Connors, the founder of Truelife.org, and is the proud mother of three beautiful daughters and one beloved child in heaven.