Licensed Professional Counselor

Hi! I spent the first part of my adult life in the arts and entertainment world as a business owner where we produced costumes, props, and special effects make-up mostly for TV commercials and print ads. We also dabbled in off-Broadway productions and point-of-purchase advertising.

As a second career, I felt a calling to use my personal experiences to help others that have histories of childhood and adult adverse experiences. I attended Liberty University for my undergrad and Masters degrees because I wanted to learn from a Christian viewpoint. Seeking more information I enrolled in a research Ph.D. program for Health Psychology and am in the dissertation phase. This is a study about how the brain affects the body and the body affects the brain. Learning about neurology, the vagus nerve, and cognitive processing is a passion of mine along with putting that information to use to help others.

My approach to therapy is person-centered, where I learn what the client’s goals are in a therapeutic session. When that is known I use a variety of therapies that include Person-Centered, Motivational Interviewing, Reality, Cognitive Behavioral, Dialectical CBT, Art and Play, Meditation, and a few interventions taken from other therapies to achieve the client’s goals.

I will see those clients 15 and over on an individual basis and those 14 and younger in sessions with caregivers/parents. The therapeutic sessions are about reviewing what the client has worked on during the week(s) and receiving new information pertaining to their goals to study and work on until the next session.

I look forward to working with you on your goal(s).