Understanding Christian Marriage & Relationship Counseling

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Want to Learn What Makes Christian Couples Counseling Effective? If So, You’re in The Right Place.

There’s more that brought you to this page than a search query like “marriage counseling near me Christian” or “Christian couples therapy near me.” True, there’s a good chance you consulted the internet for an online guide to marriage, couples, or premarital counseling—but we’re referring to the feeling behind your search.

You have problems you’re looking to solve, questions that need answers, and maybe a bit of tension in your relationship that you want to address. No matter which of these three possibilities hits home, you’re in the right place.

The feeling sitting in your stomach right now could be one of several. You might be a married person who is sure that you and your spouse need marriage help, thrilled to be engaged to your fiance and looking for a premarital counselor, or dating someone and considering buying a ring. You also might be stuck in a toxic relationship and searching for help. No matter what your relationship status or needs are, we can help.

At Light Counseling, we’ve been helping married, engaged, and dating couples navigate relationships for decades. Our demonstrated history of walking couples towards loving, harmonized relationships has helped inform our unique approach to Christian relationship counseling, and we’re sharing some tidbits of wisdom on the subject in this guide.

You may be new to relationship or marriage counseling, so let’s start with why you should seek marriage counseling.

Why Should I Seek Marriage Counseling?

You and your spouse want to improve your communication and conflict-resolution skills.

Every couple runs into conflict, but conflict doesn’t have to be a final state. Christian marriage counseling can help you and your significant other be vulnerable, open, honest, and transparent communicators who choose words that build up your marriage. Similarly, if you’re an engaged couple, our premarital counseling Christian therapists will help you and your significant other build an excellent conflict-resolving skillset.

Your marriage has been hurt by infidelity.

Infidelity is devastating. An affair can destroy years of trust, no matter how long you’ve been with your spouse. But at Light Counseling, we believe there is a path forward: forgiveness and reconciliation. Though no two cases of unfaithfulness are the same, we know how to help married couples overcome the pain of an affair.

You want to restore a connection in your marriage.

One of the most common challenges married couples face is a waning sense of connection. Life is full of challenges, and sometimes, those trials can drive wedges between lovers—and as time goes on, it can begin to feel like you’re living with a roommate instead of a spouse. Our counselors can help.

You have lifestyle and goal disagreements with your fiance or spouse.

You’re the saver, and your spouse is the spender. You want to live in the mountains, but your spouse is petitioning for a move to the beach. Whether you and your spouse struggle to find common ground on major or minor life decisions—or you’re an engaged couple trying to work through your differences, we can help.

Marriages succeed when both people work towards the same primary goals. Sitting down with one of our counselors can help your marriage realign with God and confidently make mutual decisions that align with God’s will for you and your spouse’s life together.

You and your spouse want to improve your parenting.

If you and your spouse have children, parenting comes with challenges. Whether you’re adjusting to the sleepless nights that accompany parenting babies and toddlers, helping your teenager identify and avoid negative influences, or struggling to relate to your adult child, counseling can help. At Light, our therapists can help you work through the challenges and questions you face—and become a better parent in the process.

At Light Counseling, You’re in Good Hands

Committed to Clinical Excellence

When you need help, you don’t call on someone you don’t trust or lack confidence in. No—you want the best support you can find. At Light Counseling, we’re committed to providing you with quality care marked by clinical excellence. We demonstrate that commitment by retaining expert therapists, utilizing time-tested theories, and collaborating with medical experts.

At Light, our therapists hold advanced degrees and have experience helping married, engaged, and dating couples work through challenges and grow closer together. Our Christian relationship counselors employ a variety of theories and approaches to their work, such as the Gottman method, prepare-and-enrich, cognitive behavior therapy, dialectal behavior therapy, solutions-focused therapy, and more, depending on your unique needs.

In addition, collaboration with healthcare providers such as psychiatrists and medical doctors is crucial to our holistic approach. At Light, we take great care to identify and refer any physical issues causing emotional symptoms.

Rooted in the Christian Faith

At Light Counseling, our marriage counseling is built on biblical principles—empowering us to offer faith-based guidance to couples. Through optional prayer, scriptural insights throughout your time in counseling, and purposeful instruction on how to live out the faith in your marriage, our marriage counselors can help you and your spouse build a Christ-centered, thriving marriage.

We’re committed to walking alongside you throughout your journey for as long as it takes. Our unique approach integrates optional prayer and scripture-based insights into the therapeutic process. At Light, we believe in God’s love for humanity and commitment to helping you overcome your challenges.

From the moment you step into our office or log in to your online therapy session, you’ll have an environment free from judgment and full of nurturing compassion. Whether you opt for in-person or online counseling, your therapist is ready to listen, understand, and gently guide you through your struggles.

Contact a team member today for world-class Christian marriage counseling that helps you and your spouse overcome the challenges you’re facing and grow closer together as a couple. No matter what you’re going through, there is hope for your marriage—and we’d be honored to help you find it.

FAQ’s About Christian Counseling for Couples

What is Christian marriage counseling?

Christian marriage counseling is a therapy for married couples that integrates biblical principles, guidance, and instruction with psychotherapy. Christian marriage counseling and premarital counseling seek to help you and your significant other grow closer through a shared reverence for God, strong communication skills, and steadfast commitment to loving one another.

How effective is Christian marriage counseling?

Generally speaking, the effectiveness of Christian marriage counseling depends on three variables: the counselor, the husband, and the wife.

Before you begin, ensure your therapist is qualified and knowledgeable. Ask your therapist about the theories they employ when counseling couples, how many years they’ve been counseling, and what makes them capable of offering you the best care. At Light, you can schedule a no-cost, no-obligation chat with a therapist before you hire them. That way, you can ensure that the counselor you meet with is best suited for your marriage counseling needs.

After you’ve found the right therapist, you and your spouse must commit to putting the work in. It is best if you both are – or eventually come to the point of being—equally invested in growing closer together and resolving the issues at hand. Ideally, you and your spouse should view marriage counseling as teamwork. When you view one another as the problem, the effectiveness of counseling diminishes.

What questions do they ask in premarital counseling?

The questions asked during premarital counseling at Light vary by the couple. Differences in families of origin, communication, conflict resolution style, personal sin struggles, testimonies, beliefs, and countless other things that make people unique are combined into one home and family unit when the words “I do” are uttered.

Marriage is more than a casual, hand-in-hand waltz of a smiling man and a beaming woman through a shared front door. It’s a story of two worlds and two lives converging into one—a wholehearted and mutual pledge of two people surrendering their own lives and wills for the sake of the other.

At Light Counseling, one of our main objectives in Christian premarital counseling is to help people understand that marriage is a serious commitment. Because people tend to avoid complex and vulnerable conversations, our premarital counselors will seek to facilitate such dialogues and, in turn, help you lay a foundation for a joyful and richly rewarding marriage.

In premarital counseling, you may be asked about your past and present relationship with your family of origin. You will discuss your faith, how important your relationship with God is to you, and how the Lord saved you. You may also talk about conflict resolution, your spending habits, how you manage money, and what roles you plan to assume in marriage.

This short list of possible topics explored during premarital counseling only begins to scratch the surface of everything you and your fiance will discuss during premarital Christian counseling. At Light Counseling, we take the invitation to walk alongside you seriously. When you choose us for premarital counseling, you choose a counseling center committed to offering a rewarding, Christ-centered approach.