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Find the Help You Need in Group Therapy at Light Counseling

Asking for help is hard. While you may feel tempted to view requesting counseling as a sign of weakness, it isn’t. Asking for help is courageous, and there is strength in vulnerability. Too often, we shoulder our burdens by ourselves – shoving our feelings, thoughts, and questions into the back of our minds and making every effort to forget them.

At Light Counseling, we believe that the path to true healing goes through those feelings, thoughts, and questions; and we also know how exhausting and challenging dealing with something alone can be. That’s why we offer group counseling – to empower you with community, equip you with accountability and skills, and encourage you when you feel like giving in.

Though participating in counseling with people you don’t know can seem intimidating, many people find group therapy richly rewarding. Whether you’re expecting a child and preparing for parenthood, battling an addiction, feeling the weight of trauma, or looking for a hand of hope to pull you out of depression, group therapy can help.

Our group sessions are led by licensed professionals whose ability to help people has been honed by years of experience. Your group therapist will have a genuine interest in helping you become well and the ability to help you find the healing that lasts.

You deserve to be well, and we’d be honored to play a part in your journey. Schedule an appointment with us today and experience what a clinically excellent and distinctly Christian therapist can do for you.

How Can Group Counseling Help Me?

Here are just a few of the benefits of group therapy sessions:

You’ll have a community, and you won’t have to struggle alone.

 As a Christian clinic, we believe God created people to be in a community, sharing each other’s burdens and offerings. When you join a group counseling session, you’ll find that the battle you’re fighting isn’t one you’re fighting alone. Our community-focused groups provide a support network of people who relate to and empathize with your challenges. You may find that your story rhymes with the stories of other people in your group.

You’ll have accountability

Group sessions do more than offer community – they provide accountability. At Light, we realize how hard it can be to change destructive behavior patterns – and we affirm the ability of groups to provide accountability. When you join a group at Light Counseling, you join forces with people who are fighting the same fight you are. Your group will cheer you on and pick you up when you stumble.

You’ll be encouraged

The issues that led you to find a counselor is difficult. Challenges test, tire, and tempt you to give in – but with the encouragement of others, you can realize your ability to overcome the trials of life. Our counselor-led groups are an excellent way for you to be encouraged by people experiencing the same struggle as you.

You won’t be judged

At Light Counseling, we understand how hurtful it can be to be judged. That’s why we’re committed to providing you with a safe, judgment-free space to share your struggles openly. You have great value and worth – and you are known and loved by the Creator of the universe, no matter what you’re experiencing. Our group counseling sessions are judgment-free.

You can share with secrecy

What is said in our group counseling sessions stays in the room. Nothing you share with your group will be shared elsewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions About Light’s Group Counseling Services

How does the counseling process work?

The first step towards getting help is requesting an appointment by clicking the “Get Help Now” button below. After filling out some basic information about yourself that helps us understand how to help you best, our team will contact you by phone within two days to schedule an appointment.

During your first appointment, you’ll get to know your counselor and be asked a few basic questions that will help your counselor get to know you, and you get to know your counselor. From there, you and your counselor will walk through the things on your heart – carefully and gently pinpointing and resolving the issues you’re struggling with.

How long will counseling last?

You may meet with your counselor for as long or briefly as possible. Sometimes people find the help and peace they need within a few sessions; sometimes, the counseling process lasts for years. Either way – we remain committed to serving you the best we can for your journey.

How much does counseling cost?

The total out-of-pocket cost for counseling depends on your insurance plan, and because we deal with multiple insurance companies, it’s challenging to provide a public estimate. At Light, we’re committed to making counseling affordable – and we do this by accepting various insurance plans (including Medicaid) and keeping costs low. Contact us today for an estimate!

How long is a group counseling session at Light Counseling?

Each group session at Light Counseling lasts between 55 and 60 minutes.

How is group counseling different from a support group?

Group counseling is counselor-led, while support groups are often peer-led. At Light Counseling, we bring you the best of both worlds in our group sessions –the support of other people and the expertise of a licensed counselor leading the session.

How many people are in each group counseling session at Light?

To ensure everyone is heard and understood, we limit the number of people in each group to 10 – but have no minimum participant requirement. In most cases, our counseling groups have 8-10 people.

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At Light Counseling, our team is here to help you overcome life’s challenges with evidence-based practices and a distinctly Christian approach. We offer mental health services primarily to clients in the state of Virginia; however, some of our clinicians are licensed in other states and may provide online telehealth services for clients living in those states. Additionally, all of our services are covered by most private insurance companies and Medicaid.

The first step to start the counseling journey with us is by submitting an Intake Form. This form allows our team to collect key information about you and your needs so our team may match you with the clinician who will best meet your needs and preferences. All services are provided by appointment only.