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Why Choose Telehealth? 

Telehealth is all about accessibility, convenience, and privacy.  Working with a therapist online may be better than in-person therapy for people who:

  • Live in rural or remote communities
  • Are home-bound or have health issues
  • Have a busy schedule and want to save driving time
  • Travel frequently for work
  • Need to be home with children
  • Feel more comfortable meeting on video (e.g., social anxiety)

Some people choose to do a combination of in-person and online, telehealth therapy, and sometimes sessions are best done remotely (if you have a cold or another illness, it’s best to stay home, right?).

Does telehealth work as well as in-person? 

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted how important it is for us to feel supported and be connected with one another.  When the pandemic began, our therapists rose to the occasion and made a rapid transition to doing therapy from home.

We have been pleased to find that the transition to telehealth has been relatively smooth.  Some clients are saying they like it better than in-person for various reasons, including being able to continue to process emotions and insights in the comfort of their own homes directly after sessions.

Many clinicians were initially concerned that video and phone sessions would feel distant and disconnected.  However, we have noticed that the emotional closeness is still there as though we are in the same room.  We’ve enjoyed having an added window into our clients’ lives by seeing where they are for sessions, what their homes look like, and so forth.  In many ways, it even feels more personal and private.

How does telehealth work at Light Counseling? 

We offer telehealth primarily to Virginia residents, although some clinicians are licensed in other states and may do online therapy for clients living in those states.  Additionally, considering the urgent need for online therapy due to the COVID lockdowns, many states have allowed out-of-state licensed clinicians the opportunity to be approved telehealth providers.  Please contact our office to verify whether one of our clinicians has been approved in your state.

Here at Light Counseling, we use a secure, private online platform, where you can see your clinician face-to-face from your computer or phone. To begin your online telehealth session, simply click the link to their virtual waiting room, and your clinician will start the session shortly. If you have technical issues or have questions about how to access your online appointment, feel free to contact us and or reach out to your clinician via the client portal.